Of all the inspiration and strength you have given me, the least I could do is write a post for you.

Beautiful, strong, woman.
You have given so much of yourself to the world, you live on in all of us. I have been inspired by you since I first laid eyes on you and you have become part of me ever since. I have been exploring my spirituality for the last several months. On a mission to discover what I believe and feel, and the right form to express myself in. I have met my soul mate and this has transformed me. I am now a believer in such a thing. Someone here who is like a magnet to you. They would have found you regardless of circumstance. I don’t mean that to say without each other we would have never felt love. We both have felt love before, but nothing like this. It makes me spiritual knowing him and having him. I wanted to know more about this side of myself.

So, I believe that when you are here you leave yourself here forever. A part of you lives on whether it is big or small you have made an impact on the world. Together we are powerful because together we can create great change and beauty. You have made a big impact, a known and obvious one. You have inspired women revolutionaries and artists. You have created art that lives on past you. A little piece of who you are is in me and in others who are touched by you. This is my spirituality. It is the connection between human beings. It is in the things we create together, it is in the bonds we have with one another. We need each other to survive and we need to create to survive. You are one example of expressing our humanity and for that you are loved and for that you live on.


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