Buddhism, quotes

Working on Marxist-Buddhism, working on my thoughts and a post, here are some quotes as I read that help me understand Buddhism through a Marxist lens, or maybe it is more correct to say Marxism through a Buddhist lens. I will continue to add to this as I go:

From Estranged Labor:

 1. “Man is a species being, not only because in practice and in theory he adopts the species as his object (his own as well as those of other things), but – and this is only another way of expressing it – but also because he treats himself as the actual, living species; because he treats himself as a universal and therefore free being.”

2. “The universality of man is in practice manifested precisely in the universality which makes all nature his inorganic body – both inasmuch as nature is (1) his direct means of life, and (2) the material, the object, and the instrument of his life-activity.”

3. “Man makes his life-activity itself the object of his will and consciousness. He has conscious life-activity.”

4. “An animal produces only itself, while man reproduces the whole of nature.”

5. “That the man’s physical and spiritual life is linked to nature means simply that nature is linked to itself, for man is a part of nature.”

From Marx for Beginners:

1. Heinrich Heine “Thanks to Hegel I learned that the ‘good’ god doesn’t dwell in heaven as my grandma believed, but instead that I myself, here on earth, might be god..”

2. Hegel: Peace and harmony don’t make for progress. It is through the oppressed fighting, war, class struggle.

3. Heraclitus: “No one steps twice into the same river, for what occurs in the next instant is never the same as the first.”

From Gramsci’s Workers Democracy:

“To tell the truth, to arrive together at the truth, is to achieve a communist and revolutionary act.”


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