South Africa’s Political Development — La Peña, Berkeley, CA, September 7, 2012

Below is a presentation given in the Bay Area by a Marxists group called Advance the Struggle, and folks from a collective in the Bay about the events happening in Marikana.



Last month in South Africa, 34 miners were shot and killed by police as they went on strike for higher wages.They say they got shot because they came armed, I say they came armed because they knew the police are violent pigs. On Tuesday the police shot rubber bullets and tear gas at the strikers who were blocking other miners from work.

“After apartheid ended in 1994, South Africa pressed to share the country’s vast mineral wealth with its impoverished black majority. But the hoped-for result has not occurred.”

This month over 1,000 miners march in strike on the same location.  All eyes on Marikana.

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