Last month in South Africa, 34 miners were shot and killed by police as they went on strike for higher wages.They say they got shot because they came armed, I say they came armed because they knew the police are violent pigs. On Tuesday the police shot rubber bullets and tear gas at the strikers who were blocking other miners from work.

“After apartheid ended in 1994, South Africa pressed to share the country’s vast mineral wealth with its impoverished black majority. But the hoped-for result has not occurred.”

This month over 1,000 miners march in strike on the same location.  All eyes on Marikana.

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Middle East News Numero 2

This piece discusses the police’s reaction to protestors in Bahrain. It shows the excessive force used by the state against protestors in two ways: physically and tactically. First the police have been using tear gas on protestors and non-protestors daily. And while they try to justify it with shit like this: “John Timoney, the former US police chief hired to consult with Bahrain’s police force, blames the increased use of tear gas on what he described as increasingly violent protesters”, the truth is this is one tactic by the state to try to smash any revolt from the people.

One example of them being full of shit is that while the effects of long exposure to tear gas are already severe, even deadly,they have begun to use a more dangerous form of tear gas:

“‘The tear gas canisters, they used to be from the USA and India,’ said a protester in Sitra who asked that his name not be used. ‘But these new ones have no labels… they’re trying to hide what they’re using,’ he added, holding up an unmarked canister which carried no country of origin or other identifying information.

The allegations about CR gas, and more generally about any new chemical, cannot be independently verified. Several Bahraini police officers declined to comment on the chemical being used, and the health ministry has barred doctors from examining the content of tear gas canisters.”

The increase is not simply in an immediate end to protestors, but the long term smashing of revolts. The effects of this much harsher tear gas are not fully known but what is known is that it is super dangerous. People are dying from it, being blinded by it. This is not a reaction to an increase in violent protestors, it is a way of trying to permanently smash uprisings. The same way they would murder and imprison our black and brown brothers and sisters in the 60’s they are doing in the middle east today.

Second, their tactics for disrupting protests have been to set the people against each other.
“They deliberately shoot them inside the houses, because they want to create a problem between the protesters and the people who are not protesting,” said one activist in Abu Saiba, a village outside of Manama. “They want to drive a wedge [between them].”

This piece is about the Egyptian elections coming up. This article claims that the “post-revolution” effects are that now openly muslim people are running for president, a millionaire I might add. Wait, so what they are saying is that the result of the Arab spring are that millionaires are running for president? yea, basically.

“It is a measure of the changes wrought by the Arab spring that the western governments that supported Mubarak until the end appear – publicly, at least – unfazed by the new dominance of Islamists in Egyptian politics. But foreigners, like Egyptians, know that Islamists come in different shapes and sizes. When Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, was asked about Shater’s candidacy, she answered carefully: ‘We hope that the Egyptian people get what they protested for in Tahrir Square, and that’s complete open pluralistic democracy that respects the rights of every Egyptian.'”

Fanon is rolling over in his grave!!! *(more to come on Fanon)