dear work,

6 in the morning when zombies walk the streets. I pour the black liquid in trying to feel whole again.

I feel like I ran a marathon, sweat dripping from the walk from the bus stop to work. Feet sore from my shift the night before. My body aches like I was ten years older than I am. Here I am serving folks, running, running out the clock while making 2.13 an hour. I wish I were at home snuggling him and my puppy.


human labor


Trabajo – Paranoia, sharing alienation, finding places to struggle- log 2

I noticed that my paranoia at work is pretty high. After losing my last job because the bosses caught wind of my orientation toward them and my agitating too soon. Basically, I let it show too early, a mistake I am definitely trying to avoid this time. I noticed it when I invited a couple women workers to hang out after work one day this week and when I left the boss asked my co-worker if we hang out outside of work. This could be a friendly conversation, but I am hella paranoid about it.

Also, there is a worker, C, who seems to be very sided with management. He is always stressing about how to make the company money (non of which he will ever see) or save money. Today was Columbus day and the shop was slow. He talked about how the boss should be sending people home because with everyone there the company loses money. I talked to him about how people have specific shifts and depend on the same amount of money to be coming in for bills and what not. He responded with, well not every one wants to stay. I said if people want to go home, that’s up to them.

Later when the boss left, we all got cracking to get shit done because M has another job, one that he is passionate about – giving music lessons. Today I closed with one of the workers who has more responsibilities than other workers, M, and two women, a driver, B, and another worker, D. D ended up staying until close even though she wasn’t on the schedule, in order to help M get out in time. I notice there is a lot of freedom at the store, even though M is the one in charge when the boss isn’t there, the workers can decide to stay if they want to help out or if they need the hours (I noticed this take place last week with D, she ended up staying hours after her shift was supposed to be up and told M and I that she was just hanging out because she needed the hours).

Today M had to stay late to do all the slicing, more than his normal share. He was pissed and talked about how he hates his job. I told him it was pretty messed up that the job should interfere with our lives outside of work.

I also notice that I get extremely tired by the end of the shift so I hustle to get out fast, which some workers like (people can stay and hang out with M if they need the hours. He usually stays late and doesn’t force people to leave when they don’t want to), but it doesn’t allow me much time to socialize on the job. It is a tension, but I think as long as I am sure to meet with folks outside of work this is ok. I also try to jump in on conversations when they seem interesting.

Trabajo – going on 3 weeks – log 1

I’ve been working for going on 3 weeks now. I want to keep a log of my experiences here.

The place I work at is only open 11-5 mon-fri so it’s the same people pretty much every day which makes it a tight group of people – which i think is really beneficial for organizing. It was mostly people of color until last week when two white woman joined on, but it’s about 50/50 now, but it is mostly women that work in shop. (6 women, 4 guys). This isn’t true for the driver’s which are mostly white dudes. They don’t hire very many female drivers, our shop has one out of 6 – this discrimination something I got to experience first hand, and I’ll go into later. Having a majority of women workers could be super beneficial to thinking about  making demands for woman workers.
When I close I do cleaning and prep work I have had one time doing deliveries. I am still getting to know people, and as much as I hate work, and doing the same job everyday is boring as fuck, I am trying to be a good and reliable worker for my co-workers.
I went to a party one of the guys was having at his house, and I am trying to hang out with people one on one, or not just partying. It’s ok that we party together, I just don’t want it to be the only thing we do together. But since im still getting to know people so i don’t think i’ll immediately talk about organizing.
There is this one guy , M, who has a leadership role here. I recently found out he has position of being a person with more responsibility than other workers but is not a manager, and I am still feeling him out. I think that could be good to talk with him more, but he does seem to have this tendency to defend/support managers or corporate peoples, but he also was talking shit about a former manager.. so we’ll see what happens.
The manager, S, seems to have a good relationship with people there, he’s the only manager. I heard this story about him having an employee’s back: when a customer wrote a nasty letter to the owner of our store, the owner called my boss and told him to fire the driver for that order. Instead of ratting him out he blamed it on this other worker who got fired for something unrelated. Also when i first started he really pushed me to get to know people and talk to people on the clock. He parties with the employees and what not, and he is really cool about people being late, and seems cool about people not being able to show up to work  if given notice, but since there are only the same people working everyday it can also be difficult for him to let us NOT come in if we weren’t able to .. i haven’t seen this play out yet so i’m not sure.
I did notice something on Friday when I worked. This is when I had my first experience doing deliveries, feeling the sexism of my bosses  boss (aka stupid face), and seeing another cool aspect of my boss, S. So on Friday we had 2 of our drivers not come in – not sure why. Since we were short they got D – this woman who pulls meat – to be a driver. I think it was S who asked her to do this since stupid face seemed to be preoccupied with corporate being there.  I was at the cash register bored out of my mind when stupid face asked one of the men to take a delivery that needed to be taken asap. I said I’d do it and his response was (in his most stupidist face) “I didn’t ask you” that’s when S asked if I brought my bike and I did so he told me to do it. When I went to grab the food, and not knowing how to use the machine, stupid face snapped at me that I better be fast if I want to do a delivery. D-bag. So I ran three orders and when I got back stupid face told me I wasn’t doing any more deliveries. He is a stupid sexist punk.
I liked that my boss, S, seemed to have my back, and so i don’t know what to make of him just yet, although i am not interested in building a relationship with him, and I think when it comes down to it he’s gonna side with management.
Finally, the manager talked about how this store doesn’t make very much money because it is in a business building and also because the rent is like 2x’s as much as other jj’s in Austin. – they are going to turn this one into a training for managers because of this, and i don’t know what that could mean for organizing either, but it’s just something to keep in mind.